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Wedding photography is my passion.  I have been photographing weddings for ten years now and I grow with each and every wedding.  I have a very relaxed style and ensure my brides and grooms are as comfortable as possible in front of my lens.  If I have happy couples, I have happy images!

I don’t like to over pose my couples and much prefer a relaxed and candid style, but I love fun photos too.  I try to ensure I turn up armed with new ideas and keep things fresh. 

On the morning of the wedding I take photographs of the dress, jewellery, veil, shoes, rings, perfume as well as capturing the make up artist and hairdresser working their magic whilst the bridal party relax with a glass of champagne.    The groom’s party is not neglected, I like to capture them before the ceremony along with the guest’s arrival. 

Ceremonies bring a huge amount of emotion and these images are amongst my favourite.  The grooms first glance at his future bride, Dad handing over his daughter, the glances at each other, the smiles, the tears, the rings often being forced over a knuckle, the concentration over the vows and the first kiss as a married couple!

Following the formal ceremony, the fun begins…  I like to take my couples away from their guests to take the gorgeous intimate and fun photos of just them whether that be under the veil, walking in the stunning landscape, stealing a cheeky kiss against a rustic door, an intimate moment of a stolen kiss or just them relaxing in each other’s company. 

The large group image is a great way to bring all the guests together and following this it’s the family shots!  You can have as many or as few as you choose.  Many couples prefer the candid more relaxed images of their friends and family relaxing and socialising. 

Speeches…  I love to capture the speakers as well as the top table reactions and that of the guests.  To be honest, I love listening to Dad’s stories and often have a good laugh or cry along with your guests!

After the meal is over, I have a great opportunity to photograph everyone in a relaxed and candid way.  As they have enjoyed a glass or two, they are often much more relaxed having a camera pointed at them and this is when lots of the fun shots happen!  This leads nicely onto the cake cutting, the first dance and then a dance floor invasion of your guests!

I honestly believe I have the best job in the world!

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