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Maternity Shoots....

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

During these difficult times of Covid with weddings being postponed, I have been increasingly asked about maternity shoots. It has always been something I have had very little time to book in until now. So, I have spent many hours looking at maternity poses and other photographers in the industry.

I have discovered that the nicest shots seem to come from America and the reason I love their work is because they do it properly! They ask their models to have their hair and make up applied professionally and they all wear sumptuous gowns. Sadly, the cost of each gown is around £200 so I have not invested in any. But it got me thinking…

I approached a good friend of mine who I first met at a wedding fayre. Cassie is a make up artist with years in the industry and is also a qualified hairdresser. Over the years we have worked on may weddings together along with many styled shoots. I asked her to put a package together to cover her costs and she showed me some amazing locations in the area to shoot. I fell in love with each area!

We realised that we cannot have our mum’s walking miles and miles, but if we could find a few local locations to offer different backdrops then we will be onto a winner! We found a hilltop overlooking the amazing North Wales coast and Llandudno. We have a densely wooded area and we also have the beach and sand dunes.

What to wear? As mentioned, to ensure the shoots are viable I am unable to buy a huge array of stunning dresses from the States. So, instead I have made a lace dress which is corseted at the back so will fit every lady. It is designed to be worn over nude coloured strapless underwear with your bump proudly on display. My Mums-to-be are able to wear this if they wish.

I also have a stretch pink floor length gown with sleeves (as pictured although I have changed it to red for the images) which again you are welcome to wear for the shoot. This dress is off eBay and I would strongly recommend you either purchase something similar or borrow mine should it fit. It makes the world of difference.

With maternity shoots, it is all about the bump. There are limited poses which are fully flattering for your beautiful bump so please do not expect hundreds of images. The shoot will last approx. an hour and you are very welcome to bring your other half and children with you. Why now bring some booties along, or a special teddy for baby?

A quick outfit change is also a great idea. You will have the choice to have your shoot in one of the locations mentioned, hilltop, woods or beach.

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